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Diplom engineer Yousef Mraish

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Member of the chamber of Civil Engineers NRW Germany
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Firm of Consultant Engineers for

Statics, Structural design

Quantity determination and scheduling

Preparation of room books and door lists

Execution of construction work, construction supervision and site management

structural engineering counsel, coordination of schedules / management

Tendering, placing and account of building work on turnkey basis (according to VOB)

We offer in our business unit a combination of structural engineering, structural design, technical advice and professional:

• Tender (according to VOB) / compilation of performance charts for shell form and turnkey construction using the programme AVA (ARRIBA).

• Request for proposals and evaluating offers of subcontractors.

• Issuing of price comparison lists on the basis of professional evaluation.

• Cost-conscious awarding of turnkey construction work (according to VOB demands).

• Quantity determination according to VOB.

• Account of building work of subcontractors.

• Inspection of building works from a technical point of view, according to VOB regulations.

• Professional preparation of room books, door lists and book of arrivals for construction plans.

• Coordination of schedules / management / administration.

• Ancillary take-up and surveillance of construction billing.

• Monitoring of warranty period.

• Documentation as well as variance (nominal/actual) comparison of construction progress.

• Checking construction work in compliance with actual contractual accomplishment

• Price check and control of agreements.

• Evaluation of contract amendments / management.

• Handling of building measures for public and private clients/building owners and contracting bodies.

We have more than twelve years of relevant work experience which we gained in practical work for medium sized constructors/enterprises:

• Can prove work experience in planning of projects on turnkey basis (concerning housing construction, industrial and commercial building).

• Ample knowledge concerning preparation and checking of bills of quantities, compilation of performance charts, price comparison lists and time schedules.

• Negotiations as well as cost-conscious placing of building work on turnkey basis are part of our business activities.

• Possess effective and powerful IT accessories and software in our business area to fulfil all aforementioned needs.

• We offer our contracting bodies/authorities technical advice and consultation. In addition we handle all detailed planning.

• Upon the request of our customers we take responsibility for coordination and arrangement of all benefits which we perform reliably and to their fullest satisfaction.

• Cost-conscious placing of construction work and standardized construction material (DIN standard).

• Successfull accomplishment of smaller building measures such as single family houses and also logistic centres, cinemas and office buildings (up to 25 million Euro).

• Effective management of tendering, placing and account of building work on turnkey basis as well as issuing time schedules.

• Comprehensive experience concerning coordination of schedules and administration.

• Prepare a time schedule for your project which always offers you an overview in how far your building project proceeds on schedule and the amount of work that should have been done.